What the Search is About

So what is this search all about?

This blog is meant to be a documentation of my journey to find and photograph animals I am interested in. Nothing more, nothing less. I want to avoid too many hard rules, but I will also do my best to select subject organisms that represent different taxonomic groups, that inhabit different ecosystems, and that are found in different parts of the world. Luckily, all of this diversity an be found within the Arthropods (which is good, because they’re the only animals I really care about anyways).

One rule worth noting is that barring extreme circumstances, I am going to try to get an in situ (living in nature, i.e. on a stick, leaf, under a rock or wherever I find it) and a white box “product image” style picture of each of the animals I search for. These two different types of photography have their own challenges and rewards and I look forward to learning both of them.


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