Adventures in Mexico

It’s been a long time since I last wrote on TGAS, which was certainly not intentional but it has been an interesting few months. Firstly, I attended the Alejandro Villalobos national meeting in Merida, Mexico, back in late October. While I was there I also attended a Caridean shrimp taxonomy workshop. It was an absolute blast and I met a ton of cool crustacean biologists and made many great friends. Shortly after returning, my country elected a madman to the presidency and I went through a few weeks of not wanting to leave my apartment. I’ve been working a bunch on my dissertation and haven’t taken too many photos, but I wanted to share a few from the Mexico trip before the year ended. Next week I will be presenting at the society of integrative and comparative biologists (SICB) meeting in New Orleans. If you will be there, it would be a pleasure to meet you!

Without further ado, some images from the Yucatan:


Triacanthoneus sp., a rare and unusual alpheid shrimp from the reefs off of Sisal, Mexico


Chalcolepidius rugatus, a cool click beetle (Elaterid) from the Yucatan


Me in the Caridean taxonomy course with many new friends

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